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Orange Blossom Construction | Fast water remediation
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Physicians Center Water Restoration

About This Project

We got the call on this job because of a water leak into a Dr.’s office.  We were able to get onsite in less than 2 hours to diagnose the problem being a sewer back-up.  We immediately set up dehumidifiers to make the dry-out process as quick as possible  Different water types dictate what kind of remediation is required.  Because of possible contaminates in sewer water, more remediation is required than a potable water leak.  We began with the removal of the laminate floor and commercial grade carpet under the laminate.  Tile in the bathroom was removed along with all doors.  We removed all baseboards and the drywall up to 2′ high off the floor.  Vanities in 2 exam rooms and the bathroom were also removed.  All studs were treated with anti-bacterial spray and the dehumidifiers were left for 5 days to complete the dry-out.  Once the dry-out was completed, the rehab of the office commenced.  Replacement of all drywall, flooring, cabinets, doors, baseboards, and a fresh coat of paint completed in 1 week got this Dr.’s office back to a functioning work place.